class 6th science notes, NCERT Class 6 science, Food: Where does it come from?

Chapter 1 Food: Where does it come from?

Food Materials and Sources

  • We have varieties of food in-country and all over the world; everyone is having different dishes in their meal.
  • As we all know food is made of up different types of ingredients for example, Roti is having atta flour and water, pulses having spices, water, salt, etc.
  • We have so many food materials like fruits and vegetables and the source of this food materials are Plants.
  • We get meat, milk, eggs, beef, pork, etc from animals.
Vegetables, Milk, eggs, fish, Hen
Food Materials

Plant parts and animals products as food

We eat different parts of the plant. Sometimes we eat leafy vegetables, sometimes we eat fruits, sometimes roots of plants (carrot, radish), sometimes shoots (potato), etc. and sometimes we eat flowers of some plants (Pumpkin flower) and seeds of some fruits like melon, Pumpkin, etc.

Plants and animals products

We also eat soaked gram (chana) and Moong dal (Green gram), which are a very good source of proteins, especially the sprouts are very rich in protein and honey is obtained from the honey bee, they collect nectar from flower. The nectar and flowers are available for a specific period of in a year that’s why honey bees store the honey.

Sprouts and Nectar collection by honey bee

What do animals eat?

As we can see the animal of different types eat different types of foods, for example, Buffalo eats oil cakes, hay, grass, etc. The cat eats small animals.
We can differentiate animals on the basis of their food habit whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.

Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores
Nutrition in Animals


Question 1: Do you find that all living beings need the same kind of food?
Answer: The answer is no, the need for every animal is different that’s the reason some animals eats only vegetables hence called Herbivores and some eat other animals and called Carnivores. There are some animals which eat both vegetables and other animals and we call them Omnivores.

Question 2: Name five plants and their parts that we eat.
  1. Sunflower and we eat seeds of sunflower
  2. Cucumber and we eat the fruit of this plant
  3. Potato and we eat the stem of the potato
  4. Radish and this is a type of root
  5. Pumpkin and we eat fruit as well as seeds pumpkin


Herbivore, plant, milk, sugarcane, carnivore
(a) Tiger is a Carnivore because it eats only meat.
(b) Deer eats only plant products and so, is called Herbivore.
(c) Parrot eats only Plants products.
(d) The Milk that we drink, which comes from cows, buffaloes and goats is an animal product.
(e) We get sugar from sugarcane.

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