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The DDRC (District Disability Rehabilitation Centres)

This schemes come under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and implemented since 2000 to implement aims of the PWD Act 1995. The motto of this work at grass root level at the district level and in villages for facilities, infrastructures, awareness generation, rehabilitation of PWDs and works.

Role of rehabilitation professionals:

  • To provide services like detection of PWDs, early detection, and prevention, follow-ups, repair of assistive devices, therapeutic services for example physiotherapy, speech therapy, facilitation of disability certificate, bus passes, other facilities, etc.
  • For best results, they have to work with rural development and revenue and department of health education.

Objectives of setting up DDRC

  1. Identification of persons with disabilities through surveys.
  2. Early intervention.
  3. Awareness generation.
  4. Assistive aids, devices, follow-up and repairs of assistive aids.
  5. Referral and surgical correction through govt. and charitable institutes.
  6. Arrangement of loans for business.
  7. Counselling with professionals.
  8. Barrier-free environment.
  9. Providing training to teachers, families and communities.
  10. Promoting education, vocational training for PWDs.
  11. Arrangement of facilities like disability certificate, bus passes and other government schemes.
District Disability Rehabilitation Centres, DDRC

District Management Team (DMT) and its important functions

  • The chairmanship is District Collector is the main decision-making body.
  • Selection of registered implementing agencies.
  • Manpower deployment and their service conditions.
  • Monitoring, coordinating of activities of DDRC, even after handover.
  • Convergence help with other authorities.
  • Security of assets of DDRC and material received by AIDP, etc.
  • DMT is the custodian of all assets of DDRCs.
  • Quarterly meetings of DMT to know about the progress.
  • Timely submission of proposals to get funds Under AIDP to GOI.

Role of DDRCs in the education of children with disabilities

  • Early intervention and detection of the disability
  • Early detection is important to prevent secondary disabilities and help can be given to affected. DDRC has to set up early intervention units.
  • Parents are motivated to visits these.
  • Barrier-free Education
  • This is second most important objectives.
  • All the new buildings whether private or public should be accessible as per the standard bye-laws circulated by Ministry of Urban Affairs and employment.
  • The fund to convert the building to make accessible from MPLAD and local government funds should be used.
  • Technical support for implementing agencies is provided by district centres.
  • Promoting Education/Vocational training/Placement:
  • Implementing agencies should organize training for teachers, communities and families.
  • Should provide information on suitable vocations for facilities like soft credit through NHFDC (The National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation), vocational training through VRCs (Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped) to make them economically stable.
  • One orientation programme of 3 days a week should be held once in 6 months.

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