Salamanca Statement

  • In June (7 to 10) 1994, a representative from 25 internationals and 92 government organisations formed the “World Conference on Special Needs Education” and it was held in Salamanca (Spain).
  • Conference reaffirmed that education is the right of every individual as per “universal declaration of human rights 1948”
  • In next ten years big changes were seen and activities are done by the government of many countries.
  • The conference adopted a new “Framework for Action” the guiding principle through which the ordinary schools should accommodate all children, regardless of their physical, social, intellectual, emotional, linguistic or other conditions.
  • Framework suggested that every educational policy should include a provision for the disabled student to attend the neighbourhood school.
  • Conference statement: Delegates agreed on the new statement on education for all disabled children and called as “Inclusion”. 
  • The world conference called several groups to support inclusiveness I school and these groups are Government, International community and UNESCO.

Role of Government 

1. Budget and policy to make the school available for all. 
2. Planning, monitoring ad evaluating educational provisions. 
3.Encourage participation of parents, communities and organisation of persons with disabilities. 
4.Design teachers programs in accordance with inclusive education.

Role of International Communities 

International organisations like UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP ad World Bank endorsed the approach of inclusive schooling and to support inclusive education in schools. 

Role of UNESCO 

1. Inclusive education should be discussed in every education policy of the nation. 
2. Enhance education of teachers also in this field. 
3. Stimulate the research for inclusive education. 
4. Use the fund from 1996 to 2001 to create programs for inclusive education.

Framework For Action On Special Needs Education 

  • The purpose to implement this by government, NGO and national agencies on special education. 
  • School should accommodate all the children regardless of their physical, social, emotional, economical background, etc. 
  • Schools have to ensure all the necessary steps to be taken for children with disabilities and learning difficulties. 
  • Proper support should be provided in terms of classroom, infrastructure, furniture, transport, textbooks, etc. 
  • Role of community is also important to support inclusive education. 
  • Technology to support inclusive education like teaching aids, school curriculum, mobility and learning aids, etc.
  • Teachers' training is also important steps towards inclusive education. 
  • Research and development in the field of infrastructure, assistive aids, transport, etc. to enhance inclusive education. 
  • A healthy partnerships should be maintained between school administration and parents and parents are active partners in decision making. They should be encouraged to participate in school as well as home activities. 
  • Proper monitoring should be done time to time. 
  • Proper legislature should be there to protect the right of every child, individual at each level of there life.

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