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In the current scenario of COVID-19, so many teachers lost their jobs and many more are going to lose the job too. So we are going to discuss some methods and ways for the teachers so that they can earn extra money. I have listed so many methods and ways below:

1. Online tutoring 

This kind of teaching is going to be the future of education as in this current scenario we can see the children and even the students of higher studies are just stuck at home and the best way for them to learn online. So there are so many platforms and apps through which you can teach online to kids to higher studies students and any kind of subject you are good at. You can charge hourly or monthly depends upon you.

Online tutoring, online tuition, online education

2. Writing educational content 

If you are good at writing skills you can write content for publishers, schools, academic content management companies, write for other’s blog, etc. You can charge per page or per project or depending on the vendor's rates. 

3. Start a YouTube channel 

If you are good in specific areas or subjects you can start a YouTube channel and get famous and also have the chance of earning extra money. But this is a hectic and hardworking job if you want to earn extra money. You have to work really hard to establish a YouTube channel and need to work continuously. You can teach directly by recording videos and if you are a camera-shy person you can teach by recording your mobile or Monitor screen. You have to use some software like filmora, Camtasia, etc. for PC or Laptop and for mobiles you can use DU recorder, Kine Master, or any other screen recording software.

youtube for teachers, educational channel youtubers

4. Write an e-book 

Another very good source of income is selling your content and this can be done by writing e-books and selling them on Amazon, Instamojo, and so many other selling platforms. In most cases, you have to write content in doc file and convert it to pdf format and upload. You can choose Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to create and sell your e-books they charge minimal share on every purchase.

Selling an ebook, sell your educational content, eBooks selling for teachers

5. Creating worksheet for children 

So before starting this let us know about what worksheets are, so these may be loose sheets or can be a collection of worksheets in which extra questions ad exercises are given so that students can practice. These worksheets are as per the age of the children. This method is again a very famous and demanding field for the lower grade students or children up to age 3–14. You can make worksheets as an e-book and sell them online or local market as one collection or charge as per sheet and charge accordingly. 

6. Writing blogs as I am doing 

Again for this extra source of income, you need to be a good writer and storyteller or you can just enhance your writing skills as I am doing or learning. So you can start blogging on Wordpress or Blogger or you can have your own website, I suggest you if this is your first time start with blogger because this is very easy to use later you can move to Wordpress. So the question arises that how you earn money from your blogs so after writing meaningful articles on your blogs you will be eligible to show or promote ads on your website or blog and through Adsense, you can earn a good amount of money if you write articles as per the demand and need of the mass audience. If you face any problem you can watch videos on YouTube to “how to start blogging”. All the very best.

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7. Selling your lesson plans (teacherspayteachers) 

Another method is selling your lesson plans, this method you can say that “teacherspayteachers” way or methods. So for the lesson plans you prepare you are going to be paid by professionals from your same field. If you are good in designing lesson plans for a particular class, topic, subjects, etc, you can prepare lesson plans and sell them online. 

8. Virtual teaching assistant 

Nowadays, working for someone remotely is increasing and during the current scenario of COVID-19 freelancing jobs increased so much. You can work as a virtual assistant and provide content, presentations, taking care of their schedule, maintenance of records, email monitoring and giving overall assistance as per the need of your vendor. 

9. Selling your educational courses or content 

This is also a very good source of income by selling the online course and written material. You can sell your notes, PowerPoint Presentations, old books, e-learning content, whole course bundle, etc. There are so many websites and apps through which you can sell the course on any subject or specific area you are good at. 

10. Become an editor 

After all the writing work now comes the job of how to enhance the readability of text so that publishers, content management companies, educational websites, bloggers, etc. hire copy editors or proofreaders. So if you are good at any kind of language you can edit the work for others and earn extra money these all jobs can be done remotely by using a laptop/pc. The job of copy editors is to make the text grammatically correct by taking care of punctuation, spellings, hyphenation, abbreviations, etc. and the job of the proofreaders to do the quality check before final publishing if you find some problem you can directly ask authors and if everything looks good the content can be published. 

Points to remember 

These methods or ways are for earning extra money so it means that to earn extra money you have to work and put extra efforts. As we all know nothing comes easy and for doing these above-mentioned work or jobs you have to invest a good time to learn the necessary skills in jobs like editing and content writing to work efficiently. In some work like blogging and YouTubing, you need patience also because subscribers and audience come at a steady pace in starting and if all work well you will be able to earn a good amount. So I am wishing all the very best for your future works.

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